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  1. Rain Barrel - 2008 Clean Water Council Tour 123 Bachmansm

    Capturing Stormwater and Making a Difference

    Capturing stormwater before it runs off the land can make a big difference in water quality and the health of our waters. Find out how you can help. Read on...
  2. City of Wayzata

    Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead

    The City of Wayzata is proud and excited to announce the launch of Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead Project Read on...
  3. CTR-coupon-book-cover-2017

    Save the Earth with Choose to Reuse coupons

    Choose to Reuse coupons will help you get great deals on quality products while protecting the environment. Coupons are valid August 1 through October 31 at more than 50 local reuse retailers. Read on...
  4. Wetland-buffer_md

    Wetlands are Important Too!

    There is a lot of information out there about protecting lakes and streams, but did you know that wetlands need protecting too? Read on...
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