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  1. Car charging signage

    Mill Street Parking Ramp Car Charging Stations Available

    The two electric car charging stations were activated on Tuesday, January 2 and are currently available for use in the Mill Street Parking Ramp. The two stations allow four vehicles to be charged in the northeast corner of the lower level. Read on...
  2. organics

    Resolution to Recycle 2018

    Did you know that 40% of household waste can be Organically Recycled? There is an easy way to make organic recycling one of your New Year’s resolutions. Read on...
  3. ChristmasTree Disposal

    Christmas Tree Pick Up

    Wayzata Public Works will start the week of January 8 curb side pick up of Christmas trees and spruce tops. Read on...

    Be A Hydrant Hero - Adopt A Hydrant

    By shoveling snow from your nearest hydrant, you help it remain visible and give firefighters faster access to the hydrant during an emergency, greatly decreasing response times. Read on...
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