Approved Development Projects

  1. Anchor Bank / Walgreens Redevelopment

    The proposed new development would include a 4,012 square foot Anchor Bank building and a 14,500 square foot Walgreens store.

  2. 415 Indian Mound Project

    Provident Real Estate and Whitten and Associates have submitted a development application requesting to redevelop the existing single family residence to a new 3 story mixed-use residential building.

  3. Wayzata Yacht Club Master Plan Application

    The Wayzata Yacht Club and Wayzata Sailing Foundation have submitted a master site plan for several properties.

  4. Wayzata Bay Center Redevelopment

    The Wayzata Bay Center Redevelopment project is located on a 14.52 acre property, known locally as the Wayzata Bay Shopping Center.