East Neighborhood Traffic Alternatives

Traffic Calming
City Staff and their consultant, SRF Consulting Group, have been working with the residents of the East Neighborhood to come up with a solution to the cut-through traffic issue in the area.  Several meetings have been held since mid-2008 to discuss traffic calming options and intersection modification alternatives.

Resident Participation
Residents from Circle A Drive, Circle Drive E, Central Avenue, Huntington Avenue, Wise Avenue, Lake Street E, LaSalle Street, Hampton Street, and Reno Street  were in attendance and offered many constructive comments and concerns.

Experimental Study
An experimental closure of the Lake Street/Arlington Circle intersection was performed during July of 2009.  During the study, traffic counts and intersection analysis were completed, along with a neighborhood survey.  The results of this experimental closure can be found below by following the link labeled "Presentation 08-05-2009 (Closure Study Results)."

Future Experiments
The City Council will consider future closure experiments as it reviews the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget for 2010.