Mill Street Parking Ramp Construction

The City of Wayzata is building a 385-stall public parking ramp in the parking lot at Mill Street east of  Broadway Avenue to provide for current and future parking needs in the downtown area. Here are the key points of the construction:


  • Site preparation starts Monday, November 7, 2016 with the northern half of the Mill Street Parking Lot being closed. This closing will impact approximately 90 parking stalls.
  • The site is planned to be fully enclosed on Monday, November 14, 2016.
  • First Phase of the Ramp is anticipated to open by July 1, 2017 (upper deck) and Final Completion by mid-August 2017.
  • South row of parking stalls along Mill Street will be available for use throughout the majority of the project. So, the total number of impacted stalls during construction will be 130 parking stalls.
  • Project will be primarily financed by development funds.

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What is the City doing to help?

In order to mitigate parking congestion during construction, the City will be:

  • Striping spaces on Broadway and Indian Mound.
  • Re-striping existing lots to maximize spaces.
  • Offering free valet parking.
  • Mandating all “Muni” employees park remotely.
  • Directing traffic to available public parking areas through social media, wayfinding signage, print media, and other methods.

Public Valet Parking

The City is offering free public valet service to reduce parking congestion.

  • Located at the 701 Lake Street building next to Chico’s, Yogurt Lab, and Sun & Slope.
  • Hours of operation will be during the day from mid-morning to mid-evening seven days a week--dependent on traffic.
  • Cost of Public Valet Service: Free.

On Street Parking

Increased striping of stalls on city streets to maximize existing parking to accommodate more cars and add more spots. Enforcement of on-street 2-hour and 3-hour parking spaces will promote high turnover of parking stalls for customers and businesses nearby prime central parking areas.

On Street Parking Areas

  • Broadway Ave. - No time restrictions between Mill Street and Rice Street
  • Broadway Ave.- 2-hour restrictions by McCormick’s
  • Indian Mound - No time restrictions
  • Lake Street - 3-hour parking restrictions
  • Walker - No time restrictions


Public Parking Lots Available

City Hall/Library Lot

  • Entrance to parking lot off Rice Street
  • 80+ stalls (no restrictions/valet can park cars here)

Marquee Place Ramp (3rd Level)

  • Entrances to ramp off of Walker and Broadway
  • 80+ stalls (no restrictions/valet can park cars here)

Mill Street/Municipal Parking Lot

  • Entrances to parking lot off of Lake Street, Mill Street and Superior Blvd
  • 130+ stalls (some restrictions)

Broadway/Lake Municipal Lot

  • Entrance off south side Broadway and Lake Street
  • 45+ stalls (no restrictions/valet can park cars here)

Municipal Lot behind CoV

  • Behind 700 block of Lake Street)
  • 30+ stalls (no time restrictions/valet can park cars here)

Lunds/Byerlys Kitchen Parking Ramp

  • Entrance to ramp off of Mill Street, east of Superior
  • 100+ stalls (no time restrictions)

Quayside Parking Ramp

  • Entrance to ramp off of Mill Street, east of Superior
  • 100 + stalls ( no time restrictions)

Regatta Block Parking Ramp

  • Entrance to ramp off of Engel Street in Promenade
  • 100+ stalls (no time restrictions)

For more specific information, use the contact list below:

Ramp Construction
Nate Pearson
Owner’s Representative
Tegra Group

Parking Mitigation
Jeffrey Dahl
City Manager
City of Wayzata

Open to Business Program
Rob Smolund
Business Advisor
612-789-7337 x260