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City Government

  1. General Feedback

    Please provide any feedback or general inquires for staff to review. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1. Thank you.

  1. Recognizing Extraordinary Employees


  1. Volunteer Program Application

    The City of Wayzata volunteer program strives to match volunteer skills and interests to the strategic and operational needs of the... More…

Fourth of July Boat Parade

  1. 2018 Fourth of July Boat Parade Registration Form

    Please fill out the form of the required information below. Special instructions and your number to display will be emailed to you... More…

Maple Tree Tapping Sign Up

  1. 2018 Maple Tree Tapping Sign Up

    Interested in learning how to tap Maple trees and make maple syrup? Join us for a great educational experience for family and friends... More…

Police Department

  1. Night to Unite

    Interested in hosting a Night to Unite gathering in your neighborhood? Fill out this form to register your block party.

Reporting Mediacom Technical Issues

  1. Reporting Unresolved Mediacom Technical and Service Issues in Wayzata

    If you have a consistent technical or service problem that is not being resolved after contacting Mediacom Technical Support/Customer... More…