City Government


Wayzata City Hall is located in the heart of the City just south of Wayzata Boulevard at 600 Rice Street East, in Hennepin County. The City population is currently 3,688.

Government Structure

Wayzata is a Home Rule Charter City. State law allows any City to adopt a charter, which in effect is a local constitution approved by the local voters. Cities have a wide range of discretion in adopting charters; charters may provide for any form of City government subject only to state laws that uniformly apply to all cities in the state. City elections are held on even-numbered years, in November.

City Council

Elected on a non-partisan basis, the Council is composed of a Mayor and 4 Council members. Each member serves a term of 4 years. The council generally meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Check the City of Wayzata calendar for exact dates.

The Council exercises the legislative power of the City and determines all matters of policy. It has the responsibility of basic decisions for the community, including appointment of the City Manager.

City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for putting Council policies into effect and administering affairs of City government. Jeffrey Dahl, City Manager, can be reached by sending him an email or by calling 952-404-5309.