Wayzata Organics Program

Blue Bag Organics Composting System

Wayzata residents can recycle their organics through the Blue Bag Organics Composting System, free of charge! With the Blue Bag Organics program, residents can toss food waste, such as apple cores and coffee grounds, and food-soiled paper (pizza boxes and paper plates), into a Blue Bag Organics BPI-certified bag. Unlike most trash bags, these liners are made to be compostable. On trash day, residents then place the Blue Bag liner inside their regular garbage cart for curbside pickup.

For a detailed list of what is and what is not compostable, visit the Blue Bag Organics page.

Signing Up For Service

To enjoy the benefits of Blue Bag Organics, Wayzata residents must sign up by calling 763-972-3335 or you can also sign up by email. For more information, visit Randy's Sanitation website.