WFD Second Call


An old tradition in the Wayzata Fire Department, for more than 80 years, is a group of men and women from the Lake Minnetonka and suburban area, called the Second Call Fire Department. Our department is proud of this organization for their time and support donated to us through the years. Also, our department, to our knowledge, is one of the few fire fighting organizations in the state, (probably the whole country) that has a group this large to support them.


The Second Call Fire Department was formed in 1934 by Mr. James Ford Bell, whose members included W.G. Northrup, Phillip Little, D.D. Davis, Dr. Angus Morrison, S.D. Andrews, C.S. Pillsbury, and Mr. Bell.

Membership & Assistance

These men worked together to build the group and added another 20 members by late 1934. Their idea at that time was to help the Fire Department morally as well as financially in any way possible. Today, the money donated from this organization is used primarily for unbudgeted fire equipment.

From the original 7 members, this group has grown to a membership of close to 400, of which Judd Dayton is the current Chief.

Purpose of Second Call

While the Second Call Fire Department does not fight fires (the only requirement is to never respond to a fire call), their moral and financial support is welcomed by the Wayzata Fire Department. They are invited to the department yearly for the showing and discussion of our regular equipment and any new equipment that has come into service within the past year. The support of these men and women is greatly appreciated by the whole department.

Join our Team

If you would like to have a part in this worthwhile organization and show your support of our fire department, either call us at 952-404-5337 or send us an email. We will send you an application form and further information.