Police Department

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Department Structure

The Wayzata Police Department serves the citizens of Wayzata and Long Lake and employs 15 sworn police officers. The 15 sworn officers include:
  • Police chief
  • Lieutenant (serving as detective)
  • 2 Sergeants
  • School resource officer
  • 10 patrol officers

Additional Personnel

Non-sworn personnel consists of two full-time police administrative records specialists and a part-time Community Service Officer. The department also has a volunteer Police Reserve Unit.

Emergencies & Non-Emergencies

Don’t be afraid to call 911 anytime, 24 hours a day for any of the following reasons:

  • Any time you need police, fire or an ambulance to respond
  • For any situation that requires a police officer; such as:
    • Animal control issue
    • Burglary
    • Ordinance violation
    • Parking complaint
    • Property damage
    • Theft
    • Traffic accident
  • To request an ambulance, receive medical attention, or to report a fire or signs of a fire such as smoke or fire alarms
  • To report suspicious behavior or criminal activity such as shouts for help, breaking glass, loitering, trespassing or suspicious vehicles/people
  • If you witness an accident, fire or crime
  • If you encounter any incident that may require the help of police, fire or ambulance personnel