Crime Prevention Coalition

Citizen Education & Cooperation

Through citizen education and cooperation with the Wayzata Police and Fire Departments, the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition (WCPC) aims to help reduce crime in the greater Wayzata area. Our efforts will capitalize on the experience of other communities who have embarked on similar programs and to bring the national "Take a Bite Out of Crime" effort to a local level.

History of the Coalition

The WCPC began as an offshoot of the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce. Back in 1980, a group of volunteers met monthly at Hart's Cafe, formerly known as Sunsets, and put together an organization to meet the above mission. This group included:

  • David Berg
  • David Brehm
  • David McGill
  • Dennis Buhl
  • Gordy Engel
  • Jeff Lambert (City Prosecutor)
  • Jim Fish
  • Karen Wahlberg
  • Kathi Roer
  • Mary Ann Frick
  • Winton Jones

By-laws were established and the group officially became registered in July of 1981.

Kick-off Ceremony

The kick-off for the Coalition's activities took place at the Wayzata Theatre, now known as Marquee Place, with numerous organizations committing to support the effort. They included the Wayzata Rotary, Lion's Club, American Legion, Chamber of Commerce, city of Wayzata, and the WayzataPublic Schools. Numerous other prominent individuals became board members throughout the year.

National Crime Prevention Council

The Coalition's efforts brought forth the National Crime Prevention efforts that began in 1979 and featured McGruff, the floppy-eared canine detective as its "spokes-dog" in both print and broadcasting public service announcements. The National Crime Prevention Council began operation in October of 1982, and its purpose was to conduct highly visible, carefully organized and nationally effective public education and communications programs for crime reduction. Our group has been nationally recognized as one of the early leaders in this national crime prevention commitment.

Seminars & Programs

Throughout the years, the WCPC has sponsored seminars on shoplifting, public safety issues, neighborhood watch groups, poster contests for kids, Halloween safety programs, Operation I.D., Night to Unite activities, bike safety rodeos, and McGruff appearances.

Board of Directors Continuing Efforts

The current Board of Directors has been challenged with continuing these crime prevention efforts by supporting ongoing programs as well as developing new programs such as the enhancement of the Wayzata Police Reserve Program, the sponsorship of equipment needs for the Wayzata Police and Fire Departments, and response to ever-changing new crimes such as identity theft and today's national terrorist threats.

Donations to the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition support all of these activities and are 100% tax deductible.