Stormwater Management

Lake Minnetonka

Geographically, the city lies along the north shore of Brown's Bay, Wayzata Bay, and Gray's Bay on Lake Minnetonka. Within the 3 square miles that comprise the City are located more than 70 wetlands, several small lakes, wooded areas, parks, as well as portions of Lake Minnetonka itself. Historical water quality data show that Browns and Wayzata Bays consistently exhibit among the best water quality of any of the bays of Lake Minnetonka. The character and general economy of Wayzata is influenced strongly by its lakeside location.

Watershed Management Plan

The City of Wayzata lies entirely within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD). In July 2007, the MCWD adopted an updated watershed management plan. The City of Wayzata, along with other communities within the MCWD, has 2 years from the MCWD's date of adoption of its updated plan to make changes in their local water management plan to comply with the requirements of the MCWD plan. The most significant new requirements contained within the MCWD 2007 plan affecting the City of Wayzata are listed below, followed by the sections of this plan in which they are addressed:

  • Phosphorus reduction strategy (Section 7.3, Appendix A)
  • Key Conservation Area identification and protection (Section 2.8)
  • Potential capital improvement projects (Section 7.4)
  • Reporting requirements (Section 11.2)

The MCWD approved the City of Wayzata's plan on June 18, 2009 and the City formally adopted the plan on August 18, 2009.

The City has also entered into an agreement with the MCWD allowing the City the authority to administer Rule B (erosion control), Rule D (wetland protection) and Rule N (stormwater management). The MCWD continues to administer Rule C (floodplain alteration) for the City.

Surface Water Management Plan