Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing to begin April 18

The Wayzata Utility Department will be flushing water mains and fire hydrants throughout the City from Sunday evening, April 18th through Thursday evening, April 29th, weather permitting. The Utility Department will complete all flushing in the evening and night hours starting at 10:00 PM and stopping the following morning at 6:00 AM. Water system flushing is done at night to minimize the inconvenience of discolored water issues that this process may cause for residents and businesses during the day.  In addition, lower traffic volumes at night provide a safer environment for both the traveling public and for City staff working in the roadway. The purpose of flushing the water system is to remove any particulate matter that may have built up in the water system over the year, and also to ensure that all fire hydrants connected to the water system are operating properly for use by the Fire Department.  Because the flushing process may temporarily cause your water to become discolored, residents are advised to be observant while washing clothes until after the flushing has been completed. If discolored water is present, run the cold water faucets only until the water runs clear. The list and map of areas shown below is a general guideline as to where we will be flushing each evening. For more information, contact the Wayzata Public Works Department at 952-404-5363.

2021 Hydrant Flushing Map

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1. Sunday Evening - April 18th

Area bounded by Barry Avenue North, Central Avenue North, Wayzata Boulevard, and the Luce Line Trail.

2. Monday Evening - April 19th

Area around the Wayzata Medical Center and Wayzata Woods Apartments (east of Central Avenue North and south of T.H. 12), Shadyway Road, Harmony Circle, Rosswood Lane, Hollybrook Road, and Pondridge Circle.

3. Tuesday Evening - April 20th

Waycliffe Drive & Gleason Lake Areas.  Along Wayzata Boulevard, between Central Avenue and Bushaway Road / Gleason Lake Road, Hunters Glen Road, Gleahaven Road and the North Frontage Road.

4. Wednesday Evening - April 21st

South Frontage Road, Holdridge Area, Bushaway Road, (north of LaSalle Street). 

5. Thursday Evening - April 22nd

Area bounded by Barry Avenue South, Circle A Drive South, Wayzata Boulevard, and Lake Street.   Grace Point Court, Grove Lane, and Shady Lane.

6. Sunday Evening - April 25th

Huntington Avenue, Central Avenue South, LaSalle Street, Bushaway Road (south of LaSalle Street), Eastman Lane and Locust Hills Area.

7. Monday Evening - April 26th

Ridgeview Drive, Margaret Circle, Far Hill Road, Edgewood Avenue South, Wayzata Boulevard (between Ferndale Road and Edgewood Avenue South), Wayzata Villa Condominiums, and Wayzata Blu Condominiums.

8. Tuesday Evening - April 27th

Wayzata Boulevard West, between CSAH 112 and Ferndale Road, Edgewood Court, and the Area bounded by Ferndale Road South, T.H. 12, and Lake Street West. 

9. Wednesday Evening - April 28th

Grove Lane Court, Peavey Lane, Peavey Road, Highcroft Area, Bovey Road and Ferndale Woods Area.

10. Thursday Evening - April 29th

Ferndale Road South, Ferndale Road West, Harrington Road and Ramsey Road.