Mediacom Customer Complaints

Are you having an issue with Mediacom?

FIRST, Call Mediacom at 1-855-633-4226.

You can also use their Mediacom chat, closed captioning support, or email that is on their website,

Reporting Unresolved Mediacom Technical Issues in Wayzata

If you have a consistent technical or service problem that is not being resolved after contacting Mediacom Technical Support/Customer Service, please let us know what the unresolved issue is and your contact history with Mediacom. If you haven't contacted Mediacom, please call Mediacom FIRST to report any issue and ask them to provide a solution. Call Mediacom at 855-633-4226. You can also use their Mediacom chat, closed captioning support, or email that is on their website.

Below is a link to a form for Wayzata Residents to submit Mediacom Technical/Service Issues that haven't been resolved after they have contacted Mediacom. The information in the form will be used to forward to the Government Relations contact at Mediacom to troubleshoot and solve the issue and to track the number of unresolved issues Wayzata Residents are experiencing.

Reporting Unresolved Mediacom Technical Issues in Wayzata Online Form

Mediacom Customer Bill of Rights as excerpted from City of Wayzata Mediacom Franchise Ordinance Adopted July 7, 2015

  1. Mediacom will maintain phone number (855-633-4226) which will be available to its subscribers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  2. Standard installations will be performed within seven business days after an order has been placed. "Standard" installations are those that are located up to 125 feet from the existing distribution system.
  3. Mediacom will begin working on "Service Interruptions" promptly and in no event later than 24 hours after the interruption becomes known. Mediacom must begin actions to correct other service problems the next business day after notification of the Service problem.
  4. The appointment window alternatives for installations, service calls, and other installation activities will be either at a specific time or at maximum, a four hour time block during normal business hours. Mediacom may schedule service calls and other installation activities outside of normal business hours for the convenience of customers.
  5. Mediacom may not cancel an appointment with a customer after the close of business on the business day prior to the scheduled appointment.
  6. If Mediacom's representative is running late for an appointment with a customer and will not be able to keep the appointment as scheduled, the customer will be contacted. The appointment will be rescheduled, as necessary, at a time which is convenient for the customer.
  7. Refunds: Refund checks will be issued promptly, but no later than either: the customer's next billing cycle following resolution of the request or 30 days, whichever is earlier, or the return of the equipment supplied by Mediacom if cable service is terminated.
  8. Credits: Credits for cable service will be issued no later than the customer's next billing cycle following the determination that a credit is warranted.
  9. Billing: Consistent with federal law, bills will be clear, concise and understandable. Bills must be fully itemized, with itemizations including, but not limited to, Basic Cable Service and premium Cable Service charges and equipment charges. Bills will also clearly delineate all activity during the billing period, including optional charges, rebates and credits. In the case of a billing dispute, Mediacom must respond to a written complaint from a subscriber within 30 days.
  10. Refund Policy for service interruption/discontinue. If a subscriber's cable service is interrupted or discontinued, without cause, for 24 or more consecutive hours, Mediacom shall, upon request by the subscriber, credit such subscriber pro rata for such interruption. for this purpose, every month will be assumed to have 30 days.
  11. Late Fees. Mediacom shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws with respect to any assessment, charge, cost, fee or sum, however characterized, that Mediacom imposes upon a subscriber for late payment of a bill. The City reserves the right to enforce Mediacom's compliance with all applicable laws to the maximum extent legally permissible.
  12. Disputes. All subscribers and members of the general public may direct complaints, regarding Mediacom's service or performance to the chief administrative officer of the City or the chief administrative officer's designee, which may be a boar or Commission of the City.
  13. Failure to resolve complaints. Mediacom shall resolve a complaint within 30 days. In addition, Mediacom shall respond to written complaints from the City in a timely manner, and provide a copy of each response to the City within 15 days.
  14. Notification of Complaint Procedure. Mediacom shall have printed clearly and prominently on each subscriber bill and in the customer service agreement provided for 24 hour Mediacom phone number for subscriber complaints. Additionally, Mediacom shall provide information to customers concerning the procedures to follow when they are unsatisfied with measures taken by Mediacom to remedy their complaint. This information will include the phone number of the City office or person designated to handle complaints. Additionally, Mediacom shall state that complaints should be made to Mediacom prior to contacting the City.
  15. Mediacom Identification. Mediacom shall provide all customer service technicians and all other Mediacom employees entering private property with appropriate picture identification so that Mediacom employees may be easily identified by the property owners and subscribers.

For City of Wayzata Mediacom Franchise Ordinance (PDF)

Looking for Channel 8 WCTV on the Mediacom Channel Lineup?

At the end of June 2015, Mediacom eliminated analog signals and moved them to digital signals. TVs that are digital ready will need to be try to do a channel scan and older TVs will need to get a digital converter box from Mediacom. Letters were sent to Mediacom customers regarding this changeover in April 2015 (PDF). If you have any questions or issues with your Mediacom service, please contact 1-800-479-2095.

The PEG channels QAM information for the Lake Minnetonka area are below.

(Old) Analog Display Channel Digital Tuner Channel

8 107-2 Wayzata Community Television

12 107-4

19 107-6

20 107-5

21 107-3

View the PDF of the complete Mediacom channel lineup.

View the HTML page of the complete Mediacom channel lineup.