Tree Removal and Treatment

Chainsaw cutting tree

Before you remove, trim or treat any trees, check that the tree is not on City property known as the right of way. If you are not sure, contact the Parks Department at 952-404-5366.

The City is responsible for tree trimming and removal along public city streets to maintain safe road conditions and hazards from occurring because of diseased or dead tree conditions. Hennepin County is responsible for maintaining trees along county roads and the State is responsible for trees along state roads. Utility companies, such as Xcel Energy, may also complete tree trimming to maintain safety clearance for power or utility lines.

Ways to Remove Your Tree

You hire a contractor.
If you hire a contractor, they must be a City licensed contractor to remove your tree per City Code Ordinance 519.01. Contractors must be approved by the City with proof of bond and insurance. To request a list of contractors approved by the City, call 952-404-5300.

You remove the tree.
You may remove your own tree, but must discard wood following Minnesota Department of Agriculture guidelines.

Brush Disposal From Tree Trimming

Brush may be taken to the Plymouth Yard Waste Site with a Wayzata drivers license. Information on the location and hours of the Plymouth Yard Waste Site can be found on their website.