Parks and Trails Master Plan

The City of Wayzata's park and trail amenities are significant assets to the quality of life of the community. In the Spring of 2011, the City Council formed a ten (10) member Park and Trails Taskforce of citizens and policymakers to survey and evaluate the City's existing park and trail resources, and provide recommendations on future action for the City's park and trail assets.

The Park and Trails taskforce met from April 2011 to April 2012, and presented a report to the City Council in April 2012 which recommended the establishment of a formal advisory board to champion parks and trails in the City and advise the City Council on issues related to park improvements, trail expansion, and maintenance needs, as well as how to allocate Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funds. In July 2012, the Wayzata City Council formally established a five (5) member Park and Trails Board to advise the City Council on park and trails related matters. The current Board consists of eight (8) members, including an Executive Board Chair.

The Parks and Trails Board bases their work on the following mission and vision statements:


Provide recommendations to the City Council for the preservation, protection, enhancement and promotion of a healthy Parks and Trails system for the benefit and enjoyment of all community members and visitors.


To be responsible stewards of our parks, trails, lake front, and natural resources and promote peaceful reflection, invigorating activity, community enrichment, and education for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities.

In 2017, the City Council tasked the Board with the preparation of a Master Plan for the City's Parks and Trails. The Wayzata Parks and Trails Master Plan reflects input from nearly 380 residents, stakeholders, city staff, and the Wayzata Parks and Trails Board that was collected in the summer and fall of 2018. The plan is intended to provide a framework for the City to continue refining their park and trail system to meet the needs of current and future residents as well as set a course for future maintenance and improvements.

Master Plan