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The need: a stronger connection to Wayzata’s greatest asset – the lake.

The Wayzata Conservancy has been working for nearly a decade to evaluate the needs of the community and to develop a plan to restore, protect and enhance the downtown lakefront. The initiative, known as the Lake Effect Project, solicited input from thousands of people through years of public and private events, meetings and conversations. The Lake Effect work has resulted in a new vision for Wayzata’s waterfront, an experience that brings people together to relax, refresh and reconnect with each other, while preserving and protecting this resource for generations to come. This spring, the public phase of this project – called Panoway on Wayzata Bay - will launch, as we work to make this vision a reality.

Depot Park Rendering

The work
Lake Street from Barry Avenue to Broadway Avenue will be reconstructed to be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. A beautiful, multi-use Plaza Park near the lakefront, replacing the existing surface parking lot at Lake Street and Broadway Avenue, will allow for additional gathering space for events and activities year-round. 

Lake Street Improvement Rendering

The impact
Businesses will continue to be open and accessible during the construction, with detours allowing residents and visitors to access the lakefront and its incredible amenities while the project is being completed.

The timeline
Construction of Lake Street and Plaza Park is expected to begin in 2020.

The latest
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