Downtown Parking Study

SRF Consulting Group, Inc. is conducting a multi-phased parking study of downtown Wayzata. The results of the study will provide a new baseline of parking needs in this area---initially around the Mill Street Parking Ramp area, and in 2020, the larger downtown area including the west end.

Also, phases 3 and 4 will explore moving forward with additional mechanisms to help fund maintenance and operations of public parking. The City most recently studied the implementation of a Special Services District but that process failed to gain traction from downtown property owners.  

As the study commences in the summer of 2019, staff will utilize the results to inform policy, funding, and operational decisions.

SRF completed parking studies for this area in 2012 and 2015. As redevelopment occurs, parking needs will continue to be analyzed on a regular basis. 

Please contact Emily Goellner, Community Development Director, at 952-404-5312 with any questions about the Downtown Parking Study. 

Downtown Parking Study Proposal and Agreement