Steps to Appeal Your Property Value

Step 1 – Discuss this information with the City Assessor

In March of every year, Wayzata property owners receive a Notice of Valuation and Classification indicating property values that will be used as a basis for taxes due the following year. 

If you believe the estimated market value or classification of your property is incorrect, contact the City’s Assessor, Southwest Assessing, immediately after receiving your notice at 763-473-3978. They may be able to answer your questions without requiring your presence at the Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting. 

Step 2 – Attend Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting*

If you disagree with the Assessor’s findings after they have reviewed your value and classification and you have information to support an appeal, attend the Wayzata Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting that occurs annual in April at Wayzata City Hall. The 2022 meeting is scheduled for April 19, at 5:30 p.m.

Remember that the property owner is responsible for presenting evidence about why the market value is not fair and equitable. By law, only objections to the market value or property classifications of your property for the values for taxes payable in the following year will be addressed. The Board will not discuss your current property taxes.

Appeals at the Board of Appeal and Equalization will be considered in the following order:

  1. Residents who met with the City Assessor but were unable to come to agreement on the estimated market value of your property.
  2. Residents presenting their cases in advance of the meeting by letter or email.
  3. Residents who have come directly to the Board without advance notice or without contacting the City Assessor prior to the meeting.

*Residents will be allowed three minutes to present their appeal to the Board. After the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting, residents will be notified with the Board’s decision. The Board may decide to hold a reconvened meeting for the purpose of considering the appeals already presented. New appeals will not be heard at the reconvened meeting.