304, 312 & 318 Barry Avenue South Condominiums

Property Address

  • 304, 312 & 318 Barry Avenue South

Project Description 

The applicant has withdrawn the application that is described below. 

Doran Companies submitted a development application to redevelop the property at 304, 312 & 318 Barry Avenue South. The application proposes constructing a three-story residential condominium building including underground parking. The application includes the following:

  1. Preliminary Plat and Final Plat to combine the properties located at 304, 312, and 318 Barry Avenue into one lot;
  2. Conditional Use Permit to allow residential on the ground floor;
  3. Comprehensive Plan Amendment to re-guide 312 & 304 Barry Avenue South from Central Core Residential to Central Business District;
  4. Zoning Map Amendment to rezone 312 & 304 Barry Avenue South from R-5 Average Density Residential District to C-4 Central Business District;
  5. Variance from the building placement at the sidewalk line requirement.

City Review Dates

  • Planning Commission - February 1, 2021

City Contact for Questions

Nick Kieser, Assistant Planner, can be reached by calling 952-404-5313. 

Development Documents