Wayzata Blvd Corridor Study

Aerial view of Wayzata Blvd


The City of Wayzata seeks to establish a vision to transform Wayzata Boulevard to an even more welcoming, safe, connected, active commerce center for the Wayzata community in decades to come through the introduction of a detailed and comprehensive corridor plan. The corridor plan is intended to be a holistic, community-centered process to establish a vision for the corridor that extends beyond the curb line and provides a cohesive framework for land use, development regulation, future infrastructure and streetscape interventions, and interim and future pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular safety improvements.

A Request for Proposal was sent out in March, 2022 to select a consultant that will work through the corridor study and complete community engagement throughout the process. The Consultant Selection Committee selected SRF to conduct and manage the corridor study. 

Corridor Study Draft Now Available for Review

As of June 2, a draft of the final Corridor Study document is available for review at the bottom of this page. Please submit feedback by July 2 so we can ensure it is incorporated into the final plan! Staff will also accept comments after that date. Within your comment, please note that it is for the Corridor Study. 

Participate in a self-guided walking audit: 

Study Goals

  • Engage residents, business owners, and visitors to the area to create a cohesive land use and transportation plan for the corridor that implements the vision set forth in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan and 2040 Community Vision
  • Analyze transportation safety issues related to the high number of access points (driveways) along the corridor and high traffic speeds, particularly in the segment east of Superior Blvd
  • Identify opportunities for roadway safety improvements that could be made in the short-term
  • Create a long-term plan with specific attention on the segment under County jurisdiction anticipated for roadway reconstruction between 2030 and 2035 
  • Evaluate pedestrian and bicycle network gaps, prioritize investments in the network 
  • Study the existing developments, identify properties likely to redevelop and create cohesive land use and development plan that guides the City’s response to development proposals 
  • Determine the updates that should be made to the Zoning Ordinance 
  • Investigate opportunities for public realm, streetscape, and right of way improvements such as signage, lighting, landscaping, seating, and public art
  • Evaluate the existing public transportation system

Projected Timeline

March 2022: Request for Proposals posted

May 2022: Contract executed with SRF

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023: Community engagement process

Spring - Summer 2023: Present initial findings to City Council and stakeholders

Fall 2023: Present recommendations and deliverables to City Council and stakeholders

Fall 2023: City Council adopts study report and recommendations

Corridor Study Committee

The purpose of the Corridor Study Committee is to provide review and insight into the planning process, including:

  • Actively engaging in the process
  • Ensuring the community is heard
  • Exploring corridor specific conditions
  • Providing honest evaluations

The Corridor Study Committee is comprised of the City Council (Mayor and four Council Members), Planning Commission (seven commissioners), and Housing & Redevelopment Authority (five commissioners), each bringing broad perspectives to create meaningful conversations to guide the establishment of a Corridor Vision and thoughtful analysis of the corridor recommendations. 

Community Engagement Opportunities

Community Survey - Sept. 1 - Sept. 23

Pop-up Event - James J. Hill Days Sept. 10 - Sept. 11

Focus Groups - October

Open House - March 14, 2023

Round 1 Community Engagement

The Wayzata Blvd Corridor Study conducted a community survey and initial round of engagement in the summer and fall of 2022. Thank you for your input, the survey received more than 200 responses. A link to the PDF is listed below in the Related Documents section to view a summary of round 1 engagement which also includes results from the community survey. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the Wayzata Blvd Corridor Study you can email Emily Goellner, Community Development Director.

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