Quality of Life Survey 2022

This year, the City of Wayzata hired the Morris Leatherman Company to conduct a community wide quality of life survey to ensure that we are building the community our residents want and providing a high level of service.

The results highlighted below and in the attached report were gathered though a telephone survey of 400 randomly selected residents of the City of Wayzata. Survey responses were gathered by professional interviewers across the community between March 14th and 30th, 2022. The average interview took 20 minutes.

General Conclusions

  • When asked how they would rate the overall quality of life in Wayzata, 98% of residents surveyed said good or excellent. Of that, 42% were an excellent rating, which is four times higher than the norm* (this means 4x higher than surrounding metro cities!)
  • 100% of residents feel somewhat or very safe in Wayzata
  • 97% of residents surveyed rated Wayzata's park and recreation facilities and amenities in Wayzata as "excellent" or "good".

*  “the norm” reflects Wayzata's data points being compared to the entire Morris Leatherman Company database which includes many cities in the metro area that have also been surveyed.

Other Key Data Points

Top 3 "Likes":

  1. 13% - Friendly People
  2. 11% - Lake Minnetonka
  3. 10% - Quiet/Peaceful