Flock Cameras

The Wayzata Police Department has installed automated license plate readingflock camera (ALPR) cameras to solve and reduce crime. The cameras are built by Flock Safety, a public safety technology company that helps neighborhoods, communities, and law enforcement work together to fight crime.

Flock Safety ALPR cameras send a real-time alert to law enforcement when a stolen car or known wanted suspect from a state or national crime database is detected. They also send alerts if a vehicle associated with a missing person in an AMBER or Silver Alert is detected.

The Flock Safety system also helps law enforcement solve crime by providing the objective evidence needed for investigations. According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 7 in 10 crimes are committed with a vehicle.

Flock Safety cameras are in use in thousands of cities across the country, and the company works with over 2,000 police departments. Communities using Flock Safety ALPR have reported crime reductions of up to 70%.

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