Application for Retail Sale of Edible Cannabinoid Products (Low-Potency)

Effective May 31, 2023, the State of Minnesota passed legislation to allow retailers to sell hemp-derived cannabinoid products in the form of an edible or a beverage for human consumption. After additional legislation this year, the State is now requiring that each business currently selling these types of products register online by October 1, 2023.


In addition, the City recently adopted Ordinance 828-Allowing for the Sale of Hemp-derived Cannabinoid Products within the City which will also require an additional registration/license to sell products within the City of Wayzata.


The Wayzata City Council directed staff and the City Attorney to research options to only allow the sale of Edible Cannabinoid Products (Low-Potency) at the City-Owned facility of the Wayzata Wine & Spirits/Wayzata Bar & Grill. At this time, more research and discussion is needed to determine whether the Council will consider further limitations.  Regardless, we felt this was important information for you to know as you make investments in your business related to this product if you apply for and are granted a license.