What is the Lake Effect Project?

Lake Effect is a transformative plan for Wayzata’s lakefront that reconnects residents to Wayzata’s greatest asset, Lake Minnetonka. The project includes six elements:

  • The redesign of Lake Street from Broadway Avenue to Barry Avenue to make it more pedestrian friendly with added space for sidewalk shopping and dining, landscaping and a two-way bike lane on the south side of the street.
  • The transformation of the City’s municipal parking lot at Lake Street and Broadway Avenue into a Plaza Park. This will provide flexible space for multiple uses, increase green space and provide more inviting places to enjoy beautiful lake vistas.
  • Upgraded railroad crossings at Barry Avenue and at Broadway Avenue. To make the lake more accessible requires improving crossings at the railroad tracks for ease and safety.
  • The Depot Park area will be upgraded to make the entire area more accessible for people with disabilities, add more green space and inviting places for enjoying lake views and new public restrooms.
  • An Eco Park including a restored shoreline marsh that beautifies and improves the water quality of this area. With sufficient funds, the Section Foreman house will be refurbished with a community room honoring the history of the site and an interactive learning center for programming by the Lake Minnetonka Science Collaborative and others.
  • Connecting the park spaces would be a meandering Boardwalk from the Eco Park west to the Depot Park. This will provide direct access to the lake and will include ecological restoration of the shoreline to a more natural state and helps preserve lake quality and beauty for generations to come.

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1. What is the Lake Effect Project?
2. When will construction begin?
3. How is the project being funded?
4. Who is designing the project?
5. What is the area encompassed by this project?
6. Does this project include the Wayzata Beach?
7. Where will the additional docks be that are part of this project?
8. How will the Lake Effect Project be incorporated into Wayzata’s current parks and trails system?
9. Will there be a bike path incorporated into the project?
10. How will the area be maintained and funded after it is built?
11. How will this initiative benefit the environment?
12. What is the Lake Minnetonka Science Collaborative?