How is the project being funded?

It is a partnership between the City of Wayzata and the Lake Effect Conservancy. The public dollars from the City and other organizations such as Three Rivers Parks are funding the redesign of Lake Street and the Plaza Park – everything north of the railroad tracks (Phase One). In addition, the City did receive a grant from the state specifically for the upgrade of the railroad crossings – this portion will also be included in Phase One. The Boardwalk, the Eco Park and the Depot Park (everything south of the railroad tracks) will be funded with private dollars raised by the Lake Effect Conservancy. It is approximately $5 million dollars of public funding and $10 million dollars of private funding.  

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1. What is the Lake Effect Project?
2. When will construction begin?
3. How is the project being funded?
4. Who is designing the project?
5. What is the area encompassed by this project?
6. Does this project include the Wayzata Beach?
7. Where will the additional docks be that are part of this project?
8. How will the Lake Effect Project be incorporated into Wayzata’s current parks and trails system?
9. Will there be a bike path incorporated into the project?
10. How will the area be maintained and funded after it is built?
11. How will this initiative benefit the environment?
12. What is the Lake Minnetonka Science Collaborative?