What is the Lake Minnetonka Science Collaborative?

This collaborative is a group of non-profits and agencies that came together around their shared interest in serving youth, the local community, engagement with Lake Minnetonka and learning. From that meeting came a vision of engaging youth in experiential, lake focused learning on Wayzata’s lakefront. The collaborative includes the YMCA, Wayzata Community Sailing Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, Wayzata School District, University of Minnesota, MN Department of Natural Resources, Three Rivers Park District, Interfaith Outreach, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, Lake Minnetonka Association and the Wayzata Lake Effect Conservancy. Together they launched the pilot STEM Lake Exploration Camp in the summer of 2018, as an example of the potential for great interactive STEM learning on Wayzata’s lakefront and site of the future Eco Park.

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1. What is the Lake Effect Project?
2. When will construction begin?
3. How is the project being funded?
4. Who is designing the project?
5. What is the area encompassed by this project?
6. Does this project include the Wayzata Beach?
7. Where will the additional docks be that are part of this project?
8. How will the Lake Effect Project be incorporated into Wayzata’s current parks and trails system?
9. Will there be a bike path incorporated into the project?
10. How will the area be maintained and funded after it is built?
11. How will this initiative benefit the environment?
12. What is the Lake Minnetonka Science Collaborative?