Utilities, Water & Sewer

City Services & Billing

Water and sewer service is provided by the City of Wayzata. If you need to start sewer and water service, call 952-404-5363. Information required at that time will be name, address and move-in date. Wayzata residents / businesses are billed monthly. Sewer bills are based on water consumption.

Utility Department

If you have any questions or concerns regarding water quality, water odor, rusty water or problems with water pressure, please call the Utility Department at 952-404-5363. Utility Department duties include:

  • Assist other departments as necessary
  • City buildings
  • City street lights
  • Fire hydrants
  • Irrigation systems
  • Meter reading
  • Meter work orders
  • Sanitary sewer collection system including lift stations
  • Storm water system repairs
  • Underground utility locates
  • Water meters
  • Water production and distribution systems

Reporting Issues

In the event of a water, sewer or street emergency issue, please call Hennepin County Dispatch at 952-258-5321.

To report broken or malfunctioning storm sewer (catch basins, pipes, etc.), or other maintenance issues call 952-404-5360 or send an email

Utility Direct Pay

Have your monthly utility bill automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account Complete and return our Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Form (PDF) along with a voided check or deposit slip to the Public Works.

Seasonal Restrictions on Water Use

The City of Wayzata has a permanent odd / even sprinkling ban ordinance, which is in effect from May 1 to September 30 of each year. Using water for irrigation purposes is prohibited from noon to 5 p.m. daily. If your address ends in an odd number, you may water on odd numbered calendar days.

These restrictions apply only to lawn watering and not to incidental uses, such as washing cars or filling pools.