Boat Slips

Slip Renewal

The City maintains a 100 boat slip marina located at Barry Avenue and Grove Lane. Slip holders from the previous year who continue to qualify for priority Class 1 (residents of Wayzata) may annually renew their slip permit by submitting required information and paying the appropriate fee.


Lottery Applications

Individuals desiring a permit for a municipal boat slip must submit a lottery application on an annual basis. Permits are issued in the following order of priority:

  • Class 1 - Residents of Wayzata (who live and have primary residence in Wayzata for more than 6 months out of the year)
  • Class 2 – Persons owning real property in Wayzata who do not reside in Wayzata
  • Class 3 – Persons who work in Wayzata
  • Class 4 – All other applicants

Unassigned slips will be assigned according to the priority classes. Boat slip lottery applications are due before the close of business on the 2nd Tuesday in January.

Completed lottery applications can be returned to us via:

Email Sharon McGowan
Fax: 952-404-5318
Mail: City of Wayzata 600 Rice Street East Wayzata, MN 55391

Open Slips

On the 1st Tuesday in February, any open slips will be assigned to applicants in order of priority class and through a lottery. A waiting list of 20 applications is maintained by the City to allow for the possibility of seasonal turnover of slip holders.

If you need additional information or have further questions, feel free to contact Sharon McGowan at 952-404-5306, or by emailing Sharon McGowan.