Boat Slips

Municipal Boat Slips

The City maintains a 100 boat slip marina located at Barry Avenue and Grove Lane.

New Boat Slip Permit Applications

Applications are limited to one per residence.

Applications will be considered in order of priority class as specified in City Code and permits issued through a lottery process, as further specified in this policy, on the first Tuesday in March until all boat slips in the City Marina have been filled.

The number of permits issued annually are limited to the number of slips available in the marina. All permits will be issued in the following order of priority:

  • Class 1 – Residents of Wayzata
  • Class 2 – Persons owning real property in Wayzata who do not reside in Wayzata
  • Class 3 – Persons who work in Wayzata
  • Class 4 – All other applicants

Applications for a boat slip must be submitted to the City Clerk no later than the close of business on the first Tuesday of February.

Multiple chances will be given for each consecutive year the applicant has applied for a boat slip permit. Please refer to the boat slip policy linked below for more details on our lottery process.

For more information please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) below or contact the city at 952-404-5300.                  

  1. How many Municipal boat slips does Wayzata have?

The City has 100 Municipal boat slips.

  1. How many boat slips open up each year?
  1. If I win a boat slip, is there a limit on how many years I get to keep it?
  1. What type of regulations are there for permitted watercraft?
  1. When does the City conduct their annual Boat Slip Lottery?
  1. When can I put my boat in my slip?
  1. When does my boat need to be out of my assigned slip?
  1. What are the current fees for the municipal boat slips?