What is a Rental Dwelling License?
The rental dwelling license is a document required by the City of Wayzata for all rental dwellings, single through multifamily. The license verifies that the property is registered for occupancy and has met the minimum requirements set forth by the City for rental units. The major requirement for licensing is that the property is inspected for health and safety concerns and that all corrections are completed.

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1. What is a Rental Dwelling License?
2. How do I renew my rental license?
3. What happens after the application and fee have been submitted?
4. How can I prepare for an inspection?
5. What has changed in the rental dwelling ordinance?
6. When is a license required?
7. How much does it cost?
8. What is the definition of a rental dwelling?
9. What is a rental complex?
10. How do I apply for a rental license?
11. What does the inspector look for?
12. Are the licenses transferable?
13. Where can I get more information?